Why Kids Clubs are key to fighting child obesity

It’s not easy to keep your child active in a hyper-connected world. Parents are battling for their child’s attention, distractions from state of the art game consoles and smart devices more powerful than the rocket that took ‘man’ to the moon. These attention-sapping devices combined with the plethora of popular fast food outlets marketed at…

5 Reasons to Plank Everyday

Core stability is fundamental to not only performance in sport, but to everyday life, the plank exercise also known as a prone bridge is a highly effective core stabilisation exercise. If you are an elite athlete or someone just looking to increase fitness and lose weight or fif you’re elderly or recovering from injury, this exercise and core stability training as a whole can provide significant benefits, these include;

Why You Should Avoid Caffeine After Midday

Caffeine is not only found in Coffee and Tea, it is also used in chocolate, some soft drinks, and certain medicines including slimming pills and fat burning supplements. Therefore you could be consuming more caffeine than you thought. Too much and consuming caffeine after midday will most likely disrupt your sleep pattern. Sleep disruption is a well-documented side effect of caffeine

6 Simple lifestyle changes to get you moving more

Getting movement ingrained as one of your habits in the everyday things we do is the most achievable way to get moving more. Being more active requires a deliberate effort, walking or cycling instead of using the car. Commuting to work on the bike or walking the kids to school are simple everyday changes we can make to be more active.
These six simple changes to your lifestyle can make a massive difference to your overall health and well-being; no expensive gym equipment is needed, only simple lifestyle changes.

Why you Should STOP for Lunch

Just like some people will skip breakfast, some people will skip lunch! Too busy, not enough time, forgot! Too much to do and many more excuses why you have skipped lunch. I get a lot of resistance from clients when I mention they should be, eating breakfast, snacking and also ensuring they stop for lunch, and yes that means eating lunch.