28 Day Burpee Challenge

Welcome to the #28DayBurpee exercise challenge, adapted from my monthly challenge for February (#FEBURPEE), and yes, you guessed it! It features one of the old-time greats in body weight & functional training, the BURPEE. Commonly unpopular with exercise participants due to it’s demanding nature and loved by personal trainers due to its excellent full-body activation…

28 Day Lunge Challenge

Love lunges? If so, you’ll love this challenge, we’re going to be lunging for 28 days. The lunge exercise is one of the most fundamental exercises, it’s tough and it’s effective. This is a great challenge to tone up the bum and thighs. The Lunge exercise recruits the gluteus maximus, quadriceps & hamstrings. There are also plenty of lunge variations to make…

28 Day Skipping Challenge

Grab that Skipping Rope or Jump Rope as it’s more commonly known in the USA, we’re going to get the heart going and revive some old school skills with my September Skipping Challenge. This challenge has been adapted from my Skiptember exercise challenge, the monthly exercise challenge for September. Challenge yourself with some heartwarming skipping action, good skipping…

July NO Alcohol Challenge (Dry July)

The Kiss Fitness exercise challenge for July is not actually an exercise, however it is an exercise in self control and discipline when it comes to our favorite tipple, it is off course #DRYJULY. You might have heard or even taken part in the popular Dry January challenge. This challenge however is much harder, it’s takes place over a part of summer where there are numerous occasions where we might want to drink, at weddings, parties, bbq’s or a lazy Sunday afternoons. This is what makes it such a challenge. Join us this July for Dry July, you’ll reduce your calorie intake and might even lose weight.

Ditch The Booze and Lose Weight! Are you In

Drinking enough water everyday and limiting other drinks is one of the most fundamental things we can do for weight management and staying healthy. It’s important to consume enough water to maintain a healthy water balance, your water input must equal your water output. I guess this is much like accounting, if the in’s and out’s don’t balance, there is something wrong. So as well as keeping DRY for July, we want you to stay hydrated, preferably with water, not cordial and defiantly not juice.

Take the plunge and stay DRY this July