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I specialise in helping people develop better lifestyle habits and ultimately learning to live a healthy lifestyle that is not restrictive and even enjoyable. These changes will lead to a healthier you at a weight you feel both comfortable, confident and happy. Forget strict diets, massive amounts of exercise and hours in the gym, this is not what I’m about. If you want to bulk up and look like Arnie, take your pick of trainer on the internet, there are plenty that will help you with that. I’m about making lasting lifestyle changes.

If you are overweight, leading an unhealthier lifestyle due to work or personal reasons and feel it’s time you got out of these habits and started feeling more confident about your body then I’m your man, I’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve just this.

My online programmes will give you the resources, structured exercise and access to me that will help you make these changes, I run aLL MY programmes through Kiss Fitness Online Traning powered by Trainerize,

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