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28 Day Abs Challenge

by doctorjeal
28 Day Abs Challenge

Get ready to work those abs, this challenge has been adapted from my monthly challenge for April (AprilAbs), this challenge has two exercises each day, one to target the upper abdominals and one to target the lower abdominals. All you need is a few minutes each day and a little motivation, we will get you into the habit of doing a little exercise every day. The challenge is progressive and really very simple, just going up by one rep each day. The two exercises will only take a little time to complete. Our challenges are designed to keep you active and working, NOT to provide ridiculously hard workouts, participation is what’s important.

Each exercise has progressive variations to suit your fitness and ability level.

This exercise challenge will work your abdominal muscles every day, building strength and stamina and improving your core stability. The abdominals have an essential role in everyday life should not be understated; they help support your trunk, protect your lower back and enable you to go about your day. A sound core will ensure you can perform at your best, prevent injury and will allow you to do manual tasks without fatigue.

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April Abs Exercise Challenge

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