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Exercise as a means to improve anger issues

by Born Tough
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Anger, stress and anxiety are all basic emotions and feelings that we feel on a daily basis as a human being. Whenever something around us is not fine, does not happen according to our preference or simply when we feel like something is not right then our body sends a signal to our brain which provokes these emotions in us. However usually these emotions are almost always in our control and we take measures to either develop the patience in us to deal with these emotions, or we simply take control of our surroundings and try to fix the problem that was causing us to feel this way.


Unfortunately, there are some people who cannot seem to control these emotions and tend to overreact. The real problem arises when such emotions get the best of us and we stop behaving like ourselves, we make situations worse, we stop fulfilling our responsibilities as basic citizens and the worst scenario when we begin harming others around us. When such a situation arises in which our anger, stress and anxiety begins to harm other people and distracts us from our every routine then these emotions become a huge problem for us and we must seek help without a question.

Doctors, experts and psychiatrists are usually able to help us determine the reasons why we tend to feel such emotions with such intensity and they also help us figure out how we can deal with it. Medicines, therapies and physical excursion are some of the ways in which people are usually asked to maintain and control such feelings. However of course it is advised strictly that under all circumstances if we are someone or know of someone who can be a danger to themselves and others around us then we should definitely seek help as soon as possible. 

Exercise can be used as a continuous way of curing these aggravated feelings but also as a precautionary means that will help us avoid feeling overly sensitive towards our surroundings and situations. When we exercise there are a couple of hormones such as endorphins, serotonin, oxidants and dopamine released in our body that help us feel better about ourselves; they also make us feel productive, confident and happy. Such hormones also cancel out chemicals that are released in our body such as cortisol; which are responsible for making us feel upset, down and unhappy with ourselves.  

In this article, we have researched and determined five exercises that can help you balance your emotions, feel less anxious, stressed out and angry, so take out your working out shirts and get ready to begin some exercising; we are positive you will feel a lot better! 

1. Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises

Exercising such as yoga and meditating are excellent for reducing stress and anxiety and also controlling our anger. With breathing exercises and meditating we are actually able to breathe in and out, feel complete silence and peace and really build patience in our minds.

Breathing is considered so efficient because deep breathing helps us circulate fresh oxygen throughout our body which helps us feel a lot calmer and also helps us think clearly. Taking a few minutes of the day to clear out any toxins that may dwell in our body and force us to have negative thoughts is extremely therapeutic.

Imagine sitting peacefully in a private close space and just concentrating on our breathing; this exercise will help us rationalize our thoughts and control our feelings to a huge extent. 

2. Boxing


Boxing again is considered one of the most efficient ways of controlling and managing our overly sensitive emotions. When it comes to anger, boxing presents us with a safe platform where we can easily vent out our emotions without the fear of getting out of control and in monitored surroundings where there are other people present. Most importantly boxing will help you concentrate on improving yourself and focusing on your form so your mind becomes occupied with a reason which will force you to become better at a skill. Through constant practice, you will get the opportunity to vent out your frustrations and channel all those negative feelings into doing something productive. 

As far as stress and anxiety are concerned, when you know that there is someone in front of you that can harm you seriously, you will tend to get extremely stressed out. However, this will just be a practice for you to face your fears directly and learn how to gain control of the situation. To be able to know that you have acquired skills and techniques that will help you protect yourself and survive a match, that will fill you up with confidence that you have the ability to take charge and control situations around you. 

3. Walk


Walk and brisk walk are again recommended by doctors and experts because of the time you get alone to think about your feelings and sort them out. Brisk walk especially is an exercise that is strenuous on the muscles and helps to burn off toxic chemicals in the body through positive means helping you feel better. 

Imagine walking in a park close to your house, you will be getting fresh air and time to think about how you are feeling and you will begin to rationalize your thoughts. Walking also helps an individual remain active and is not considered a difficult exercise to do so it’s not challenging. Walking outdoors also promotes an individual to be out and about rather than staying indoors and alone and most importantly walking can also help a person avoid situations that tend to make them feel stressed out.

We know whenever we are too stressed out or have too much on our plate, we immediately change into our jogger pants and head out the door for a long walk and that makes us feel a lot better about ourselves. 

4. Weight lifting

Weight lifting

Weight lifting is a challenging activity that provides our brains with aims and goals that we can work towards. This helps us channel extra emotions in our body to do something productive and grow as individuals. Weight lifting requires so much concentration and focus, and it is also very strength consuming so at every point we get to burn off a lot of energy trying to lift a certain amount of weight.

When we do feel like we have accomplished a goal then we also tend to feel better ourselves and we feel encouraged and motivated. Such feelings are very important in cancelling out other negative energies that may be causing difficulties for us and those we love. 

5. Team sport

Team sport

Team sports are excellent for making us feel better about ourselves because we are surrounded by a team of people that we begin familiarizing with; they become like our family and we all tend to work towards a mutual goal.

When people tend to feel anxious or stressed out too often in the worse case scenarios they begin to shut themselves up and try to remain as secluded as possible. This makes their mental condition worse because they then spend unlimited time just dwelling over negative thoughts and this restricts them from doing productive things. 

Before a situation gets out of hand we recommend that such a person should definitely join a team sport because this will give them the opportunity to go out, socialize and also burn off negative energy doing something productive and just simply having a goal to achieve. 

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