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Healthy and Drug-Free Approach to Control Your Hypertension

by Born Tough
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Hypertension or high blood pressure is a very common disease, and it can further lead to cardiovascular disease. If we try to form a link between various diseases, we can simply link it with one another. Starting from obesity that is known as a mother of all disease, then comes high cholesterol level that is the reason for obesity as well, and it leads to hypertension, and you start to lose elasticity in your veins and arteries. Eventually, this leads to the formation of blood clots that cannot pass through the arteries and veins, and this eventually leads to cardiovascular disease. We have seen that most people simply relate hypertension with age because they feel it is inevitable for someone to avoid the possibility of hypertension in old age. However, experts say that age has nothing to do with hypertension. If you have a good enough lifestyle, you don’t have to worry about hypertension, obesity or anything else. All you need is just to rely on healthy food and a healthy lifestyle, and you will be able to live healthily.

Most people debate that the idea of high blood pressure means that you have to avoid it right from the beginning, but experts say it is never too late. If you have been diagnosed with hypertension, you can simply start exercising every day and make some significant life changes, and you will be able to extend your life very easily. Most people try to relate hypertension with no exercise, and that is indeed true. If we keep exercising on a daily basis, we end up telling our body about their reaction in case of an emergency. It is like a litmus test that we create for ourselves to see how our body behaves when our blood pressure increases. If we keep exercising, our body simply adapts to this idea, and we have a good way of dealing with the issue altogether.

Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You Resolve This Issue

Simple yet significant life changes can go a long way; if you are trying to avoid too much workout or you think this might strain you, you can simply switch to a better lifestyle. Simple step by step changes can help you avoid heart disease, hypertension, obesity and a lot more. To help you understand some of the basic changes, we have listed down some easy changes that can help you stay happy and healthy.

Daily Exercises

Blood pressure is connected to exercises, and we have seen that happening over time as well. There are so many studies that can prove that hypertension has a direct link with exercises. Regular exercise can help your heart become stronger; it also helps in better circulation that is good for your skin and hair. Additionally, if you work out daily, you will see that the heart gets stronger, and it pumps blood in a more effective way; if there is a blockage or if there is a thinning of the artery, it will also resolve that issue. One of the major reasons people have hypertension is the fact that their arteries and veins lose elasticity, so daily exercises help you in that respect as well. Additionally, your heart needs to exert less energy for pumping blood, and this, as a result, helps with less force on the arteries, and blood pressure decreases.

Apart from this, if you work out daily, your systolic blood pressure decreases, and this is a healthy sign. There are few people who have just worked on their exercises, and this has helped them with the overall maintenance of the blood pressure without any medication. If you feel like by exercise, we are talking about joining a gym or working too much; this is not true in every case. You can simply rely on cycling, jogging, swimming and aerobics. Good health doesn’t have to come at a cost, so; it is not very favorable to invest money or join a gym. It is far better to just look for an easy way to adjust your health.

Reduce Sodium Intake

Sodium intake instantly adds to hypertension, and we have normally seen that people with hypertension are asked to reduce the intake of salt. In most cases, processed food is a large contributor to sodium in our diet. High salt content helps in extending the shelf life of eatables, and as a result of this, we see that people who eat processed and preserved food and avoid a healthy diet end up with hypertension. If you don’t want to compromise on your salt intake but still want to put a limit to your sodium intake, there is low sodium salt available in the market; you can use that as well.

No Smoking

Smoking has shown a direct connection with heart disease and hypertension because, with smoking, your blood gets thick, and your veins lose elasticity. Both these things are very important, and they play a significant role in hypertension. In short, you just have to quit smoking, and you are reducing or minimizing the risk of heart disease and hypertension.

Reduce Weight

Weight has a direct connection with hypertension as it adds to the cholesterol level, and your veins and arteries get lined with additional fat content. As a result, your veins become very thick on the outside, and the inner cavity becomes very thin. In case there is a clot, it cannot pass through, and your heart has to exert a lot of pressure just to pass the blood through.

Eat fiber-rich Diet

Our food content needs to cover all macro and micronutrients; however, we sometimes try to satisfy our palate and do not think about anything else. Our diet needs to contain carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, fibre and water. Missing a single competent person can result in upsetting the overall system. Most people add too much fat content to their food but miss out on fibre. Fibre is said to absorb bad cholesterol and regulate gut health. All these things work in favour of the heart as your blood becomes thin naturally, and your body starts to get back on track without too much workout. Healthy food is a medicine in itself, and this is the reason it is promoted by doctors. If you want to consume fibre, try adding leafy green vegetables and whole-grain food to your diet.

Yoga and Meditation

With the help of yoga and meditation, you are trying to help your body adjust to the overall mental health and reduction of stress. Reduced stress means less tension in the vision, and your heart has to pump blood with less force. Additionally, stress has been directly involved in lowering immunity and thickness of blood. In short, this can become a very significant reason for blood pressure or hypertension.

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