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March Push Up Challenge (MarchUp)

by doctorjeal
March Push Up Challenge (MarchUp)

The Monthly Exercise Challenge for March is #MarchUP, nothing to do with marching but much to do about Push Ups. This challenge is back to basics with Push Ups, We’re going to be challenging ourselves with this fundamental bodyweight exercise and you should join us.

Don’t let the word ‘Push Up’ put you off, we have 3 levels and 3 push-up variations including a wall press suitable for the absolute beginner or a full push-up for the seasoned push-up king.  

The press up or push up exercise is a staple of fitness ability, being used in testing within police and military forces throughout the world, and for good reason too.    It’s an excellent way to test an individual’s overall strength because it relies on many components of fitness, muscular strength from shoulders, arms, chest with core stability, joint range of motion, especially at the elbow and shoulder. It’s also a metabolic exercise as it gets multiple muscle groups activating and will require good cardiovascular efficiency and capacity.

Amazing really! that’s why many personal trainers love this exercise and why is a fundamental test of strength and fitness.   You can start at your own level and ability, starting with a standing wall puss up onto a half up and full push up. There are also harder progressions such as a decline press up.  

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Female Challenge

#MarchUP Daily Targets Push Up Challenge - Female Titles
March Push Up Challenge – Female

Male Challenge

#MarchUP Daily Targets Push Up Challenge - Titles
March Push Up Challenge – Male