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What Is Armbar and How You Can Perfect It

by Born Tough
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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ is all about grappling and even if you try to make someone understand what exactly BJJ is, we simply explain it, the method of seeking submission via grappling. If we talk about armbar, this is one of the most used forms of grappling known so far and we have seen that people have won the game just based on the right use of armbar. Additionally, it is a very basic submission technique that helps the fighters win. If you are a UFC fan, you might have seen and recognized the use of armbar, this style of submission seeking is also used by MMA players and open style wrestlers as well. If we try to understand why most people start with armbar, we will know that it is a simple, easy and basic technique that has a very good grip and will help you win the game. Additionally, armbar is one of the great styles of grappling that is accessible in all positions. No matter where you are or at what posture you are, you can simply lock someone down with the help of an armbar. We have seen people being in a non-dominant position and then change the course of the game with just one armbar in a few seconds. If you are good with strategy, you will know about the importance of armbar.

For the beginners who are still trying to figure out what exactly is an armbar and why they need to learn it, we have formulated a step-by-step guide. With the help of this guide, you will be able to learn the use of armbar, step by step learning process, and the pros that are attached to the use of armbar.

Armbar – A Crash Course

Armbar as the name indicates is a method of locking the opponent in your arm. It is a cross-arm lock that works perfectly from all positions. Even if you are in a dominant or non-dominant position, you can use it. Apart from this, you can also use this if you are in an upper or lower posture. No matter what kind of martial arts you practice, if it includes grappling, you will learn armbar, it is a very common source of seeking submission that is used by MMA players, UFC, and other disciplines. If we see the armbar technically, we will be able to see that it is way to your elbow for grappling the other individual. So armbar can be simply seen as an elbow hyperextension for the smart control of the rival and its arm that is done and used correctly. However, if you put too much pressure or you’re your elbow very harshly, this might damage the elbow of the opponent. This brings us to our next phase, which is the right way of using armbar.

Armbar – A Crash Course

Step By Step Guide To Perfect Armbar

We know that learning the use of armbar is important but we must also know that armbar is a safe way of seeking submission not only for you but also for your opponent. If you exert too much pressure, you might end up damaging the opponent’s body and this might even become an issue for you as well. For the sake of safety, try to use the armbar and practice it as much as possible before you execute it on someone else. Most BJJ instructors provide grappling dummies to help the person practice the use of armbar. It is better to start with the grappling dummies if you have one, and once you feel you have perfected it, you can then practice it with an opponent. You need to make sure you are in full control of your body otherwise you might hurt someone more than you might have intended.

Step By Step Guide To Perfect Armbar

For an easy way to perfect, let’s divide the process into simple steps and learn each part through this step-by-step process.

  • Start by controlling the wrist of your opponent by entering the armbar position, now sweep the arm between the legs of your opponent. Now you can use the legs for better control of the upper body. This will make the opponent feel like he is losing control of his own body.
  • Now, you can use this paralyzing position for your defense and simply squeeze your knee together so that the pressure is on the upper body, chest area, and head region.
  • For the right position, now keep the wrist of your opponent in full control, and towards your chest, now simply use the hand of your opponent and bring his elbow towards your hip, this will give you overall control.
  • Now keep pulling the elbow of your opponent and attain full submission, while doing so, you might be passing the wrist of the opponent from under your hips. One thing that is very important in this stage is to understand that the elbow is going through a lot of pressure and the opponent is feeling immense pain, try to ease the pain and make it as quick as possible.

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