Power Bags & Sand Bags

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Power Bags and Sand Bags for Personal Trainers

Powerbags are an incredibly versatile piece of kit, they have all the benefits of other weighted equipment without the downsides. Essentially Power Bags & Sandbags are a bag filled with sand enabling resisted training in a wide spectrum of exercises. This makes them excellent for all types of training, especially in alternative environments, such as outdoors, at home, on the beach etc.

It’s no wonder our Personal Trainers love the Powerbag, for one they are comfortable to use, much more so than a traditional weighted bag yet have the versatility of providing so many exercise options, an entire workout or rehabilitation session can easily be performed on the power bag. They are easy to move around, great for mobile personal trainers. We love them, you should too.

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I’ve personally used powerbags for many exercises, offering so many exercise combinations, they are great for circuit training and Bootcamp style group exercise sessions. This is exactly what I used these for. Not to mention you can perform nearly any exercise with them your personal training clients.

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