The Reebok Step (Tools for Personal Trainers)

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Reebok Step (The Personal Trainers Tool Box) Photo

The Reebok Step is a very simple piece of training kit which revolutionised the group exercise industry in the late 90’s when Gin Miller introduced step aerobics for group exercise, a class combining dance based choreography for a fun, innovative and highly effective workout routine. During the 90’s, step classes across the UK and the world was a massive hit introducing many new people to “group exercise” and “keep fit” style classes.

Reebok Step (The Personal Trainers Tool Box) Title
Reebok Step (The Personal Trainers Tool Box) Title

The step is less portable than other items in our personal trainers’ tool kit, however, it’s simple and enables a huge range of exercises not possible without the step. Personal Trainers can deliver a full-body resistance and cardio workout using just the step.

The step is an excellent piece of kit, it can be used to perform stand-alone exercise featuring complex movements such as step-ups and lunges. It can be used for cardio training and to enhance and add variation to exercises such as the plank and press-ups plus many many more.

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