Biceps (Biceps Brachi) Stretch (Kayak Paddle)

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Biceps Stretch Kayak Paddle - Images - Start

The Biceps Paddle Stretch stretching guide. Here you will learn how to do a Biceps Paddle Stretch using the correct technique. In this guide, you will find pictures, exercise instructions, and tips on how to get the most out of the stretching exercise.

Stretching Guide

This stretch is an adapted Biceps (Biceps Brachi) stretch specific to the sport of kayaking and canoeing and the equipment available during a potential warm-up or cool-down session prior to taking part or finishing a kayaking or canoeing trip. This stretch is based on a standard biceps stretch but incorporates a kayak paddle if you find performing this stretch difficult or uncomfortable a standard Biceps stretch could be used as an alternative.

The biceps are used throughout any kayaking trip or session and adequate stretching will ease any DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). However, the primary role of this post-session biceps stretch is to lengthen the biceps brachi muscles after continuous and repetitive contractions suing the kayak paddle.

Stretch Details

  • Group: Arms
  • Muscles: Biceps (Biceps Brachi)
  • Stretch Type: Active


  • A Kayak Paddle

Stretching Instructions

To start: take a shoulder-width or one and a half shoulder-width stance with toes slightly out-turned, keep the knees soft with an upright posture and spine in neutral alignment. Take the paddle in one hand and place one paddle blade so that it is on the floor along the outside of your foot and hold the paddle away from you keeping it in line with the body, your arm should be about shoulder height. Ensure your grip of the paddle is with your thumb pointing up.

Contract your triceps to keep your arm straight, keep the paddle and arm in the same position while slowly rotating your upper body, twisting at the torso away from your arm and to the other side. You will only need to make a small movement until you start to feel the stretch in your biceps, hold for 15-20 seconds and return to the start position and perform on the other arm.

Biceps Stretch Kayak Paddle - Images - Start
Above: The start position of a Biceps kayak paddle stretch on the left and right arms.
Biceps Stretch Kayak Paddle - Images - Finish
Above: The finish stretch position of a Biceps kayak paddle stretch on the left and right arms.

Top Tips

  • Use the Triceps to stabilize and aid the stretch of the Biceps (Active Stretch)
  • Keep soft knees
  • Keep the back in a neutral spine posture
  • Adopt the grip as shown in the photo above
  • Only a small movement is needed, don’t over stretch

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