Triceps Stretch (Kayak Paddle)

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The Triceps Paddle Stretch stretching guide. Here you will learn how to do a Triceps Paddle Stretch using the correct technique. In this guide you will find pictures, exercise instructions, and tips on how to get the most out of the stretching exercise.

Stretching Guide

This stretch involves using the kayak paddle to stretch the triceps muscle at the back of the arm, a functional muscle in the sport of kayaking and canoeing and a clever way to stretch it using just your kayak paddle.

Stretch Details

Kayak Paddle Triceps Stretch Banner
Kayak Paddle Triceps Stretch
  • Group: Arms
  • Muscles: Triceps Brachii
  • Stretch Type: Static


  • A kayak or Canoe Paddle

Stretching Instructions

Stand with feet at hip width apart, soft knees and maintain a neutral spine posture, avoid leaning backwards as you perform this stretch.

To start, take your kayak paddle in one hand and position it so that it is in line with your spine behind you, one hand holding the kayak paddle at the small of your back and the other hand up behind your head with elbow pointing towards the sky and upper arm almost vertical.

Getting into this position for some of us might be a stretch in itself and this can be controlled using the hand that is holding the paddle at the small of your back. By pulling this hand down towards the floor will increase the stretch in the triceps, once you reach a stretch that is where you can feel mild discomfort, hold this position for 12-15 seconds and repeat on the other arm. When cooling down hold this stretch for 15-20 seconds to stretch out the muscle to their original length.

Top Tips

  • Control intensity of stretch by pulling down or raising hand in lower back
  • Keep upright, chin up and looking forwards


Triceps Stretch using a Canoe Paddle (One Handed, Single Blade Paddle)

This stretch can also be easily performed in the same way as described above but with the use of a canoe paddle instead of a kayak paddle.

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