GymBoss, the Number One Tool you Need to Time your HIIT Intervals

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The Best Tool for HIIT Workouts

Let me introduce you to the GymBoss Interval Timer, it will change the way you time your HIIT workouts.

No doubt you are a fan of HIIT workouts, if you are a trainer or a fitness enthusiast you’ll know how effective a short HIIT workout can be, but how do you time them? with a GymBoss off course.

Sure, there is an app for that! But sometimes a simple to use timer is much, much better.

This is where the GymBoss interval timer comes in, as a Personal Trainer I used a GymBoss almost every day to time my client’s workouts, to time my own workouts and even to time my eggs in the morning.

I rarely sing this high about a timer, that’s all it is; a simple timer. However this little thing is amazing, I’m not really sure how I would get on without one, so much so, I have more than one!

Once you get familiar you can set a  new interval in seconds

If you are a personal trainer and you don’t have one, you need one! Stop messing around with a stop watch and get accurate while keeping things simple.

If you are a workout enthusiast performing interval style workouts or really any kind of workout this timer is going to help you get the most from your workout without worrying about the time on the stop watch, simply wait for the beep.

 Benefits of the GymBoss interval timer

You could use an app! But personally I hate using my phone when I’m exercising or when I’m training my clients. Your smartphone is a big enough distraction as it is, don’t let it disrupt your workout as well.

You’ll find that the GymBoss is extremely easy to use, even when your using the GymBoss App for your smartphone, it takes way longer to set up an interval. Getting on with your workout is the aim of the game and not messing around with a phone and just working hard until you hear your rest beep is all you need to worry about when using the GymBoss interval timer.

To be honest the best way to excel in a HIIT workout is to have a personal Trainer (using a GymBoss) time your intervals, give guidance and get you into position ready for the next set.  Second best is having a GymBoss Interval Timer of your own, perfectly set to nail your Tabata set, it’s splash proof so your sweat won’t hurt it.

You’ll find the GymBoss extremely easy to use!

It’s super simple, a couple of buttons that’s it and once you have used it a couple of times getting the interval you want set will only take you a matter of seconds.     I’ve made a 60 second video of how to set it up! That’s how easy it is. See video at bottom of post.

GymBoss allows you to get on with your workout

Clients don’t want to see you watching a stop watch or a countdown on your phone, just set the GymBoss and get on with the intervals. Likewise if you’re halfway through your HIIT workout dripping with sweat, operating your phone to change the interval will be difficult.   

Perfect HIIT Intervals with the GymBoss Interval Timer

My clients always comment about how slow my minutes are, I reassure them off course that my timer never lies. However this can often be true when a trainer uses a stop watch, no beeps to tell you when the end of the interval is. Accidently making your client hold the Plank for an extra 20 seconds because you were doing your Job! Checking your client’s technique. 5 stars for attention but your client won’t thank you. Behaviour like this gets old fast and will only annoy your client.  


I wouldn’t be without one, truly one of the most useful tools I own, I really do use it everyday. I buy all my trainers one of these when they start out with my Personal Training business. If you don’t have one, you should buy one now.

Thank me later! If you did buy one, Thank me, then comment or tweet me how you are using it.

The Good

  • Easy to use
  • Hardwearing
  • Relatively cheap

The Bad

  • Time it takes to reset

How to Use a GymBoss Video Guide

How to Set Up a GymBoss in 60 seconds

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