RevOps is like the Electricity Network

by doctorjeal
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When it’s working you hardly notice it.

You turn on the light switch and the electricity network delivers the power to Iluminate your room and you don’t even give it a second thought. And rightly so.

It just works, you expected it to work and it did.

But, behind that flick of a switch is a complicated network connecting power stations, cables, substations and state-of-the-art monitoring systems.

RevOps is like the Electricity Network

I feel this is an excellent analogy because RevOps really is the network in A SAAS business that connects Sales, Success, Marketing, Data and Product and all the internal networks within each of these areas. And just like an electricity network, you don’t give it much thought when it is working.

Even when the lights are on there, is a wide demand on any RevOps team to keep the pipes open and the electricity flowing. There are improvements and additions to the network, efficiencies to be made and issues to fix. Just like when your power is on, there is still maintenance being carried out on the network and yet the power stays on. Likewise, RevOps are constantly monitoring, maintaining and doing preventative work to ensure the power stays on.

When the power stops, the work product stops

However, just like when the power stops or is intermittent, this lack of power immediately affects your ability to do what needs to be done. You call the Electricity board to find out when the power will go back on. For us, that’s the RevOps team receiving tickets when something breaks. All hands to stations to fix the problem and get the power flowing again, because, without power or the cables to deliver it, we can’t get the job done.

The network is constantly evolving

An electrical network is actually never finished, new houses, new business and new requirements and demands always bring extensions and additions to the network, a change in load and capacity and integration into the current network. You see where I am going with this, RevOps is constantly building, amending, iterating and improving systems and networks. 

Because just like the electricity network, nothing is ever really static in RevOps, it is constantly evolving, the business needs are changing, and the processes and tools requirements change. A constant state of flux requires a dedicated competent team with expert knowledge in each of the departments they connect together. Sales Operations, Marketing Operations, Customer Success Operations and Data Operations. And just like the most important element of your electricity supply is the network that provides it, RevOps is the network that connects what would be independent silos with a franchised delivery network together. To form a unit, a system. And that brings results.  

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