Fairy Knowe Trail near Barr Walk

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A short circular walk near Barr, best suited to dryer conditions this walk starts out from the Barr Trails Carpark and follows a forest track up the valley towards fairy know which comes into sight. A quaint bridge takes you to the foot of the short yet steep accent up the fairly knowe. 

You’ll be rewarded with a seat and views across the valley and beyond, the route loops around and returns via the Forrest back to the car park.

Walk Start:

Changue Forest car park

Walk Details

  • Distance: 5km
  • Duration: 1.5/2h

Safety information

The Short climb consists of stone steps which can be slippery, take care, especially if descending, and advise finishing the loop to avoid descending back down the knowe.

Tips and hints

Don’t miss the fairy village just after the forest road forks left, the village is on your right-hand side, and easily missed keep an eye out.

Fairy Knowe Route


Barr Trails Leaflet

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Turn-by-Turn Directions

Follow the first track up the valley

Exit the car park heading left up the track and continue past Changue House on your right,

You will pass a large farmhouse on your right and continue through a gate up the forest track until you reach a fork.

Changue House

Take the left fork and continue up the valley

At a fork in the forest track, take the left track. Although both tracks will complete the trail, the accent and views of the Fairy Knowe are better at taking this route.

As you continue up the track you will pass a Fairy Village, yes you read that right a Fairy Village, I know. I was surprised too but what a gem.

Look out on the left-hand side within the Forest for a Fairy Village.

Fork in forest track

The Fairy Village

Turn right a signpost to Fairy Knowe

Continue along the track as the view of Fairy Knowe emerges on your right.

Continue until you reach a signpost to the Fairy Knowe and take the track down towards the stream and across a wooden bridge to the foot of the Fairy Knowe.

The view of the Fairy Knowe
Bridge towards the foot of the Fairy Knowe

Ascend the Fairy Knowe

Accending the steps up the spine of Fairy Knowe, upon reaching the top you’ll be treated with a seat enough for two and look back for your reward.

Follow the track and contour around the ravine

As you leave the top of the Fairy Know, follow the track following the edge of the forest around to the right and contouring around the hillside.

You will reach a bridge across a stream/waterfall and the route take you up to the tree line. From this side of the ravine, you can look back towards the Fairy Knowe for another view.

Steps up the Fairy Knowe

Take a magical and mystical walk through the forest.

The photo on the right does not give the atmosphere of this forest justice, it’s darker, and the temperature and humidity change with an early silence.

Follow the forest track through the woods, which emerges onto the main forest road taking you back towards the farmhouse you passed on the way in. From here it’s a simple walk back down the road to the car park.

Forest Trail

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