Bring Sally up Exercise to Squats

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Try this Bring Sally Up Bootcamp activity at your next group session, lots of squats for your bootcampers.

Press Play, and no doubt you’ve heard the ‘Bring Sally Up’ song before and always wondered who it was, well now you know.

The repetitive lyrics of Flower by Moby AKA Bring Sally Up make it ideal for performing any kind of exercise to it.

Normally performed to anything that has an up and a down, Plank Up/Downs, Squats, Burpees and push-ups are all favourites for this song. If you run Bootcamps or fitness sessions, you need to have this song in your playlist ready for the fun finisher to any group Bootcamp or Circuits session.

Bring Sally Up To Squats Bootcamp Ideas - Title
Bring Sally Up To Squats Bootcamp Ideas

Bring Sally Up to Squats

This Bootcamp idea works excellent as a fun finisher, you can choose to perform in any format you like, a circle or two lines or any other way. I like the circle as everyone is in a nice group, and no one is at the back. This Bootcamp exercise is to Flower by Moby (Bring Sally Up). A common exercise for this song works really well with the up, downs and holds.

Bring Sally up
And bring Sally down
Lift and squat
Gotta tear the ground

Flower – Moby

This is essentially the lyrics which repeats 30 times, that is 30 Squats with a couple of extended low squat holds at;

Old Miss Lucy’s dead and gone
Left me here to weep and moan

Flower – Moby


A very simple Bootcamp finisher idea and no equipment is required except a stereo to play Flower by Moby (Bring Sally up).

If you are looking for a decent stereo, i’ve also found the ION Blockrockers to be solid and decent sound output.

You can see an older version of this stereo in the video above.

I would normally use a circle for this activity, however, you could set you bootcampers up in a circle, a long line or anything you fancy. As long as they can hear the music and you, it’s all good.


Once all set up, instruct your bootcampers that they will be performing the squat exercise to two keywords, those words are ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN. Start standing and when you hear down, squat down and hold until you hear up at which point the group will come out of the squat. A small rest before going back down.

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