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Battlerope Drag Run Bootcamp Drill

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If you were paying attention in your science lessons at school you’ll no doubt remember that friction causes resistance and that really is the fundamentals of this Battlerope Run Bootcamp Drill.

The battle rope drag can be run as a solo or partner and even as teams, whichever format you use the basics will remain in that the rope is dragged between two points. Used as a finisher it’s a fun activity to end on or as part of the main session it can be extended for a cardio blast.

Battlerope Run Bootcamp Drill

What you’ll need

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Battlerope Run Bootcamp Drill Options

Set Up

For whichever drill you choose, you will use the same set-up with the exception of the battle rope run where you might want a longer run around the training area.

  • Set up 2 lines at least 20 meters apart and mark these out with cones or spare battle ropes, cones generally work best.

Solo Battlerope Run Bootcamp Drill

The SOLO BATTLE ROPE RUN involves one boot camper dragging the top from one end, between the two markers. A good way to set this up is to split yours. boot campers into 2 or more groups of 3 or more with one battle rope per team (a big heavy battle rope is ideal for this exercise).

You will need at least one boot camper from each team at each end of the battle rope run and one boot camper with the rope to start, once the end of the rope passes the line (that’s the very end of the battle rope meaning the boot campers will have to run well past the line before the next boot camper runs the battle rope back to the other end.

There is no natural end to this exercise so a timed exercise makes a lot of sense, maybe 2 minutes or something, use your GymBoss Interval Timer to keep track.

Keep your ideal bootcamapers active

Your boot campers that are not running depending on the group size could potentially be ideal for a little while and therefore I like to give them an exercise to do such as Star Jumps, Squats, Running on the Spot etc while their team members are running.

Team Collect Variation

As a variation to this exercise, start with all but one of the teams at one end of the battle rope run and one member at the other end with the battle rope, the solo member drags the battle rope to their team at the other end and picks up one member of their team whom grabs the rope and runs back with their team member dragging the rope.

At the end one boot camper (either the one who started or the boot camper who was just picked up runs back to collect another team member.

This exercise unlike the first version does have a natural end one=ce all team members have been collected, this makes it ideal for team vs team battle rope runs.

your boot campers will again potentially remain ideal for a little time to get them to do Star jUmps etc while their team is running.

SOLO Battlerope Drag Runs
SOLO Battlerope Drag Runs

Partner Battlerope Run Bootcamp Drill

Ideal for teams of two or two larger teams with two runners, just like the solo battle rope drag run above there are a few options for setting up and executing this activity.

Timed Battlerope Run

  • This is a continuous option as a timed drill, again use your Gymboss Interval Timer to time a 2 minute round or what ever work for you.
  • You will need a group of at least 6 or two teams of 6 or more
  • 2 bootcamps start at the opposite end of the drag run and at least 4 bootcampers with 2 boootcampers starting with the rope.
  • The bootcampers run the 20 meter drag run and hand over to thier team mates to run it back and the drill contiunues untill the end f the timmed drill.

Team Collect

Running this drill as a team collect makes for a good team finisher, it incorporated both a single and partner drag run.

  • Set up by start one member of each tam at one end of the 20 meter drag drun with the battlerope and the rest of the team at the other end.
  • The bootcamper will solo drag the battlerope to thier team mates and collect ONE team mate you will pick up the other end of the battlerope and partner run the rope back to the other end.
  • Then ONE and only ONEbootcmaper takes it back to collect another team mate. Which team mate takes it back is up to the team.
  • The drill repeats untill all team mates have been collected and the drill ends with the first team to collect all thier team mates as the winner.
  • Thier is again some downtime for team mates so get them to do a low intensity exercise while the bootcampers are running. E.g Star jumps (Jumping Jacks), Running on the spot or Spotty Dogs.
PARTNER Battlerope Drag Runs
PARTNER Battlerope Drag Runs

Team Battlerope Runs

The team battlerope run is an all team exercise, again two or more teams works well, get all your team bootcmapers on the rope and get them to run with it around a course you take them round or wherever you like, hills are great!.

Spice it up by getting the team to do exercise while running with the rope, that could be single arm rope presses or holding above their head etc.

TEAM Battlerope Runs
TEAM Battlerope Runs

Video of Solo and Partner Battlerope Drag runs

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