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Connect 4 Bootcamp Game

by doctorjeal
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The Connect 4 Game in a Bootcamp format. This Bootcamp idea is one of my favourites. You will only need a stack of 40 cones to make this work.

You guessed it, it’s based on connect 4, i’m sure we have all played this at some point with the family which makes it an excellent choice for your fitness bootcamp.

The difference is the discs are the cones and no gravity to feed the grid so your boot campers will need to run to place their disc. Win, win. They also do not benefit from a birds-eye view which makes this game rather challenging for the mind too.

Connect 4 Bootcamp Game Title
Connect 4 Bootcamp Game Title


  • Sport Cones

These hard plastic cones are great, I much prefer them to their flimsy counterparts. Mail because often they are used to be pick up or passed around and works much better. Very unlikely anyone will stand on them so no need for collapsable versions.


Traditionally connect 4 has a 7 x 6 grid, as that would be 42 spots just for the markers. It is best to make it smaller, and I also advise making ti square. A 4 x 4 or 5 x 5 grid works well, bear in mind if you only have one stack of 40 cones a 4 x 4 grid is all you will get away with.

1. Set up the grid

If you only have one stack of 40 cones, the grid will need to be set out in at least two colours. These will be your templates set out in the examples shown below.

2. Create two teams

Split the group into two teams, even. numbers is not essential.

Create a start line


This is not really a complicated game however due to using the cone markers for each empty slot in the connect 4 grid it can at first be difficult for the boot campers to get the hang of it.

Make the bootcampers aware of the game, they will most likely have already played the game which helps

Make clear that each cone in the grid is an empty slot in the connect 4 grid.

They will need to treat it like gravity would, they must first go to the end of the grid and can only place a cone on the slot above if there is already another team colour in the slot before.

The winner is the first to get 4 in a row.

Game Variations

Start of with a warm up run is a good idea and then progressively make it faster paced. Either-way, there will be alot of running involved.

One team at a time

This is a great way to ease in the bootcampers and let them grasp how the game works.

Instruct the two teams that one team will run to place their cone and the only team can only start once they start running back.

Two Teams at a time

In this version, both teams will commence at the same time and once their teammate starts running back the next person can go.


Give this a go at your next bootcamp and let me know how you got on, i’d love to see pics and videos of your set up or variations that you have tried.

Keep doing your thing.

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