28 Day Dry Challenge

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The 28 Day No Alcohol Challenge is an exercise in self-control and discipline and it’s pretty much a detox as you’ll also be ditching fizzy drinks and caffine (if you can).

If you are looking to lose weight for a particular goal or event then the first thing you need to do is asses your lifestyle and make start making active lifestyle changes and stopping the consumption of alcohol and fizzy drinks. Both providing additional calories beyond what we need.

This would always be my first point of call when working with new personal training clients and it’s a must for ensuring all your hard work does not go to waste. Start this 28 Day No Alcohol challenge and why not combine it with one of my other 28 Day Challenges for real change.

Ditch The Booze and Lose Weight! Are you In?

Drinking enough water every day and limiting other drinks is one of the most fundamental things we can do for weight management and staying healthy. It’s important to consume enough water to maintain a healthy water balance, your water input must equal your water output. I guess this is much like accounting, if the in’s and out’s don’t balance, there is something wrong. So as well as keeping DRY for 28 days, we want you to stay hydrated, preferably with water, not cordial and defiantly not juice.

The 28 Day Dry Challenge

Go ‘Dry’ with us for 28 days and take on the 28 Day No Alcohol Challenge, Join in with our challenge and see how ditching the booze and staying hydrated can really make a difference, to your health and to your weight.  

  1. Ditch the booze for July.
  2. Ditch fizzy drinks
  3. Ditch the caffeine
  4. Stay hydrated, drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Score your challenge

28 Day Dry Points
28 Day Dry Points
Challenge ArchivedPoints
Alcohol-Free Day1
Fizzy Free Day+1
Caffeine Free Day+1
Points Key for Dry July Challenge

Download the Dry July Scoring Sheet

MAX points per day = 3, BONUS points only achieved if Alcohol Free Day also achieved.

Reducing Calories

All drinks other than water will contain additional calories, additional to your requirement. We get out calorie requirement through the food we eat. Calories within drinks rarely have any nutritional value. Limiting additional drinks consumption can have a positive effect on your calorie balance.  

The biggest contributor to additional calories in drinks is alcohol, alcohol contains many unnecessary calories. Breaking habit will help to reduce alcohol consumption, sure we all like a drink sometimes but most of the occasions we drink are due to habit. This includes statements and beliefs such as, “it’s Friday, I’ll have a drink” “it’s the weekend” these are behaviours instigated through habit.

Staying Hydrated

Most people are dehydrated nearly all the time, due to habit or lifestyle we often don’t intake as much fluid as we need, although we extract some of our fluid requirement through the food we eat (about 30%) we are still normally in a negative calorie balance by the end of the day. If you feel thirsty during the day, your body has triggered the stimulus to encourage you to drink, a sign that you’ve not had enough fluid. Just because you are not thirsty, does not mean you shouldn’t drink and hydrate. The thirst sensor is a warning signal, just like the water warning light on your car. If you drink enough during the day your body won’t need to stimulate you to drink, a healthy balance is achieved with a fluid loss equal to fluid intake.

Remember not to consume water in large quantities, it is best to drink little and often, have a water bottle that you sip throughout the day.

You need roughly 1 litre of water for every 1000 calories of expenditure, that’s about 2.5 litres for most people.

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