How to Create a Movement

by doctorjeal
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I first saw this video at a fitness conference in Birmingham, UK and I thought it was great, it highlights so much about joining a movement and starting it in the first place and conveys so many social dynamics, it’s truly worth watching to understand how a movement gets started.

How to Create a Movement
How to create a movement

Get the ball rolling

As a business owner or influencer, starting a movement seems to be what gets mass uptake or involvement in your idea, project or business. We often witness the mass upsurge of popular companies and activities or products, yet, how did they get off the ground?

Looking at it from the outside, it seems like a near-impossible task to get so many to join your tribe; the key isn’t to focus on the mass, it’s to focus and convince the first few! If it’s good, if it’s movement worthy, the rest will take care of itself.

So, my question to you is;

Who starts the movement?

This is a great example

What we see in this video is one guy dancing on his own, then followed by one other person, then a third, fourth, fifth and nearly everyone else.

Does the first guy start the movement?


Why? Because if no one else ever decides to join him, he will always be a guy dancing on his own. It’s only when the second’s guy comes along that another might be persuaded also to join in. Thus, the second and third guys are the most crucial to this movement, They change the dynamic of the whole situation. Not just one guy dancing on his own!

You are the dancing guy!

If you are building a business either as a solo entrepreneur or something more significant, if you are a fitness influencer, if you have a great idea, that guy; is you!

You are the one dancing, and if you can convince just a few people to join you, then you are in with a chance to start a movement.

SO, What’s your next move?

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