Why You Should Avoid Caffeine After Midday

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Caffeine is not only found in Coffee and Tea, but it is also used in chocolate, some soft drinks, and certain medicines including slimming pills and fat burning supplements. Therefore you could be consuming more caffeine than you thought. Too much and consuming caffeine after midday will most likely disrupt your sleep pattern. Sleep disruption is a well-documented side effect of caffeine

Avoid caffeine after midday to preserve your sleep routine and aid weight loss.

Coffee is an addictive stimulant

Caffeine has strong addictive properties, the regular cups of coffee and tea we consume throughout the day have become part of our daily routines and more than that, a habit.

A cup of Coffee or Tea in the morning especially if you are already a regular coffee or tea drinker is likely a necessity because, believe it or not; if you have at least one tea or coffee every day, you are addicted. The actual effect that caffeine has upon you will vary mainly on how habitual you are when it comes to consuming caffeine.

Caffeine has much less effect on habitual caffeine drinkers compared to those who consume little or no caffeine.

Useful Tool: Find out how much caffeine is in your drink via the Caffeine Informer website

The aim of a healthy lifestyle is not necessary to cut out everything that might be bad for you, it’s about balance, consuming in moderation and sensibly. When it comes to caffeine, that means being responsible and not consuming too much and avoiding caffeine after midday. 

Limiting your intake of caffeine before noon will help protect your sleep pattern. If you find you regularly need a pick me up throughout the day, it’s a better option to evaluate your diet than reach for the caffeine. 

What are the recommended daily amounts of caffeine

According to the MayoClinic, 400mg of caffeine a day or around 4 cups of coffee, bear in mind caffeine content varies widely.

We already know that getting up early and getting a full night’s sleep are lifestyle habits that will have a positive impact on establishing a healthy lifestyle, losing excess weight and maintaining a healthy weight. It is the sleep we want to protect when limiting caffeine consumption before noon. Protecting your sleep pattern will ensure you maintain a healthy lifestyle and provide your body with quality sleep it needs to function at its most efficient.

Caffeine consumed before noon will be much less likely to impact your sleep pattern.

Side effects of caffeine

Like most drugs, caffeine does have side effects, the most common are;

  • Caffeine can make the body produce Urine more quickly
  • Caffeine raises blood pressure which is a risk for those currently suffering from hypertension
  • Caffeine can cause insomnia and sleep disruption

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