GP Referral Letter Template for Fitness Professionals

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As a fitness professional, either a Personal Trainer working one to one with clients or as a group exercise instructor. One of your duties of care is to ensure that your participants are screened before commencing a fitness session or exercise programme.

This is normally achieved through a PARQ Form or informal verbal PARQ for participants attending regular group exercise. If during the health screening process, your client requires to be referred to their GP for blood pressure or another medical condition, it is recommended you obtain clearance from the clients GP so that they can counties their exercise programme.

doctor discussing health issues with a patient with text "GP Referral Template"

The purpose of the GP referral letter is to ensure that it is safe for your client to participate in regular exercise, if the clients GP agrees they can exercise then there may also be restrictions for you to follow.

Please note: this letter IS NOT a replacement for the GP Referral Scheme in operation across the UK, all high-risk clients must only be trained by a GP Referral Qualified person. If you are unsure you can find more information on the REPS website.

The GP referral letter template provided below can be used for when referring your client for either blood pressure or general medical condition.

GP Referral Template for General Medical Referral

GP Referral Template for Blood Pressure Referral

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