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PARQ Form Template (Pre-Activity Readiness Questionaire)

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The PARQ Form is used by health and fitness professionals and establishments in order to reduce risk to those participating in physical activity, ensuring all that attend are ready to participate in physical activity. The PARQ form template provided here has two pages, one for the para form itself and a second explaining the PARQ form to the client or customer and why they need to complete a PARQ Form at all

PARQ Form Template

I have provided this FREE PARQ form with a complete open license and you can edit and amend to fit the requirements of your health and fitness business. You might find it useful as a mobile personal training at the consultation stage or as a pre-requisite to attending a group exercise class or joining a gym.

If you are providing bespoke programming for a client such as a personal trainer, it might also be helpful to use the PARQ form in addition to an ‘Informed Consent; a form which acts a disclaimer for the programme you eventually prescribe.

Google Doc

Google Docs

(Make a copy to edit)

Storing and Accessing PARQ Data

A PARQ Form contains highly confidential information and you should make an effort to make the client or customer aware of how it will be stored and whom else will have access to it.

Ensure that you follow the appropriate data retention rules for the country you are operating in, e.g GDPR for the European Union.

Digital PARQ Form Template

By far the best way to collect PARQ Forms from your clients and customers is to have a digital version of the form, this can be achieved through a simple forms plugin on your website or via bespoke software.

I have created a digital PARQ Form which you can use for your own clients on your own website. You are welcome to edit and amend as needed, this will hopefully save you some time building your own, you can thank me later. Hit the link below to view and download.

Click here to view and download a digital PARQ Form that you can use on your own WordPress website for FREE.

Updating PARQ Forms

The PARQ Form states that the client or customer should notify the personal trainer, gym or fitness facility should anything change. In practice, this rarely happens and you should build in a method for updating users PARQ information on a semi-regular basis, e,g yearly or at the end of membership period etc.

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