Personal Training Terms & Conditions for Personal Trainers

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Setting out terms and conditions is essential for any business and it’s certainly no different as a personal trainer. Often personal trainer negates to establish a contract between the client and themselves which only becomes an issue when there is an issue. As I like to say;

Proper Planning and preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

In this article, you will learn what you should include in your terms and conditions when creating your own, simple vs more complex terms and conditions and a template that you can use to get started.

Two women in exercise clothing sat on bean bags discussing personal training with the text 'Personal Training Terms and Conditions Template

The personal training terms and conditions of service protect both the client and the trainer and set out expectations of the client-trainer relationship.

I prefer simplified terms and conditions that set out the essential elements in a clear and understandable way for the client. After all, you want them to understand the agreement and adhere to it rather than presenting along with small text document they will never read.

However if you run a more complex operation that includes other services, products and memberships you might prefer a more detailed terms and conditions.

Simplified Terms and Conditions of Services

Use simplified terms and condition of services if you primarily offer personal training or mobile personal training services.

Prerequisite to commencement of training

Include anything that must be completed before training will commence, this could include, completion a PARQ Form (Pre-Activity Readiness Questionaire) and an Informed Consent Form or signing of other disclaimers and even these personal training terms of service.

Late Cancellation Window

Here you will set out your late cancellation window and policy, will sessions be lost in the event of late cancellation and whether or not illness and injury are exempt.


Set out expectations of session start times and whether the time starts at the scheduled start time, or when the client arrives. These should apply to both the trainer and the client.

Session Length

Detail the length of the personal training session and what is included and or expected from the client.

Cool Off Period

It is a good idea to offer a cool off period, it may help you sell the personal training service in the first place and in most countries it is often a requirement for you to do so.


Detail when and if refunds will be given and under which circumstances.

Force Majeure

Set out how unlikely events outside of the business control will affect these terms and conditions.

Holiday & Time Off

Set out expectations for both the clients and trainers holidays and notice period for such events,

Price Changes

Explain how the client should expect price changes to take place and frequency.


Set out your terms for non payment of services and how it will affect this contract.

Download a simple Personal Training Terms And Conditions Template


Personal Training Terms and Conditions Template (PDF) 62.86 KB 329 downloads

Personal Training terms and conditions of service template to be used by personal…

Personal Training Terms and Conditions (Google Docs) 0.00 KB 169 downloads

Personal Training terms and conditions template for personal trainers to be used…

Detailed Terms and Conditions

Sometimes if you have a more complex operation with multiple services, products and memberships then a more detailed and comprehensive terms and conditions might be relevant for your business.

Below is an example for which you can edit, please pay close attention and change anything that you needs to before using.

Detailed Terms and Conditions Example


Detailed Terms And Conditions for Personal Training and Group Exercise Business 0.00 KB 105 downloads

Example template of detailed Terms and conditions of services for personal training…

Please Note: You will need to make a copy of the Google Doc to edit your own version.

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