Culzean Castle to Maidens Out and Back Walk

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Great beach walk with coastal views and quiet woodland trails.

Starting at Culzean Castle, this is a very enjoyable out and back to Maidens Habour mostly on woodland trails and beach, it is ideal for a dog walk but remember to keep your dog on a lead while within the Culzean estate.

Although a slightly longer walk, it feels much shorter due to the pleasant beach walker and constant sea views. The walk starts with a very pleasant stroll through the Culzean Castle estate owned and maintained by The National Trust for Scotland (fees apply for entry for non-members). The route heads through the estate via the Swan Pond and out towards the coast where views appear across to Maidens Habour. Enjoy the views and pleasant beach walking towards Maidens Habour with an opportunity for a break and a snack on the Habour before retracing your steps.



A National Trust for Scotland Membership will be required to access Culzean Castle, alternatively, you can purchase entry on arrival, see their website for details.

Alternatively, you can start your walk in Maidens and no entry fee will be required however I encourage you to stop by the cafe and spend some money to help the great work that the National Trust for Scotland do to preserve these amazing places.

Walking Route

Turn by Turn Instructions

Start at Home Farm

Home Farm at Culzean Castle

Start from Home Farm, there are facilities available here during opening hours including toilets, a cafe and a gift shop.

Heading through the courtyard and out the other side follow the path towards the castle.

Head to the Castle

Take the right hand path towards the castle

Following the well-marked path to the castle, there is also a second-hand bookshop left-hand path at the building in the photo while the right path takes you onwards towards the castle.

Through the gate to the Castle

The path towards the entrance to Culzean Castle

Half ruiend gate at culsean Castle

The old ruined gate (actually built like that} frames Culzean Castle beautifully. Head towards the castle.

Follow the woodland path towards Swan Pond.

Wooded Path towards Swan Pond

The route continues past the castle following the patch you will pass a set of cannons and you’ll soon enter the woodland area where the path continues, and cross a road before again join a wooded path as seen in the photo above.

Once you reach the Swan Pound you can either go left or right here, I’d say the right-hand path is a slightly longer option however they both take you to the Swan Pond area where there is a play park, cafe, toilets and ice cream parlour.

Swan Pound

Swan Pond Ice Cream Parlour and Cafe

Once at the Swan Pound continue past the cafe through the small car park and onto the tarmac road, follow the road and continue straight onto a gravelled road. You will pass a cottage and further down the track you will find a pink cottage. The cottage is one of the cottages available for holiday lets from NTS (National Trust for Scotland).

At the cottage go around the wall to re-join the rack and follow it out onto Maidens Beach, going over the boardwalk to the left.

Maidens Beach

Maidens Beach

You will be treated to beautiful views across Maidens Beach and towards Maidens Habour, enjoy a beach walk towards Maidens Habour where you will head towards the promenade and follow the path along the green towards the Habour.

Maidens Hbaour

Maidens Habour

There is a pleasant seating area at the Hbaour ideal for a flask of hot chocolate and a snack, if you’ve not come prepared then just around the corner you will find Ropes Bistro which serves coffee/teas and light snacks and including alcohol.

Retrace your steps back to Culzean Castle

On return, continue past Ropes Bistro following the road and rejoin the beach just after the green, back towards the Swan Pond. Once at the Swan Pond Car Park. You can continue just past the car park to take a right following a path into the woods, taking the second left you will head towards the walled garden of Culzean Castle. I would highly recommend a wander around the gardens. Across from the entrance to the walled garden, you will find a path that takes you to the Orangery and onwards where you will rejoin the entrance to Culzean Castle. Simply follow the same track back to Home Farm.

Another opportunity to re-fuel at Home Farm with toilet facilities.

Flickr Album – Culzean Castle to Maidens Habour

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