Byne Hill (Girvan) Out & Back

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A Nice short route out to Byne Hill and retracing your steps, an excellent choice for a leisurely stroll, the climb is steady with a final push, family-friendly and great for a dog walk.

Good parking at Ainslie carpark with toilet facilities and picnic area.

Despite being a shorter route, there is plenty to stop for and enjoy, the views from the top of Byne Hill and simply outstanding on a clear day, well worth the effort.

A little pavement walking to start however the beck is a goo alternative to avoid walking on the pavement, why not take your time.

The start of the route is on good tracks and only off the track towards the top of the hill.

there is a gate which cannot be opened and does require climbing over, something to keep in mind.

Trig Point on Byne Hill

Walk Details

Map: OS Explorer Map (326) Ayr and Troon (OS Explorer Paper Map)sponsored link

Start Point: Dave’s Snack Bar & Car Park – Ainslie Car Park (Start point via Google Maas)

Distance: 5.8km

Accent: 202m

Walk Date: 24th April 2021

Turn by Turn Directions

Stage 1

Car park to dirt track

Alisa Craig to your right as you set out from the car park

Head south out of the carp ark and follow the pavement towards Ainslie Manor Nursing Home. You will be treated to the views of Alisa Craig.

The quickest route is to follow the pavement alongside the road, however, if you would like to avoid walking alongside the road you can take a detour via the beach. To do so, take a right before Ainslie Manor and skirt its boundary to the beach. There are steps back onto the pavement after a short distance on the beach.

Stage 2

Dirt track to second gate

Start of climb with destination of Byne Hill in full view.

Take the dirt track and follow towards the hill, there is a gate with a style and the track continues and goes back on itself and slowly ascend with the hill on your left. Another gate with a style.

Stage 3

Second gate to monument

Steady climb on easy track

Simply follow the track up hill, the track turns and a partially excavated quarry can be seen on your left and continues uphill with the partially collapsed monument to the right.

Stage 4

Monument to climbing gate

Views halfway up, monument and Alisa Craig

As you head uphill from the monument a track leads to the right which you will ignore and instead look to the left and a wooden gate. At the time of writing this gate was not able to be opened and needs to be climbed.

Stage 5

Wooden gate to style on fence line

Gate that needs to be climbed

Climb the gate as close to the post to ensure a stable climb. Ascend the hill a short distance towards a style on the fence line to your right.

Stage 6

Last Style before the top

Turn right and head over the style, warning here that this style at the time of writing was a bit wobbly, take care as you climb over. Follow the path which heads up towards the summit of Byne Hill.

Stage 7

Stunning views from the top of Byne Hill

All your efforts will be rewarded as you reach the summit of Byne Hill with fabulous views of Girvan and Alisa Craig.

The route back is simply a case of retracing your steps.

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