How Much Protein do Women Need?

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How Much Protein do Women Need?

Using protein supplements is often seen only necessary for males or those looking to gain huge bulk in muscle. However this is untrue as we all require protein in varying amounts depending on the demands we put on the body. Often the amount of protein our bodies require from training is more than what we can provide in our everyday diet. To enable full recovery of our muscle and maximize muscle growth that will tone and define, protein supplements might well be the answer. Here is a quick guide to protein for women.

The Basics

When we exercise we break down our muscles, followed by the re-building. This enables us to build strength. Using protein helps this re-building process – without it your body cannot repair itself and can lead to injuries. Without the raw material to build new muscles you won’t be able to progress your fitness, instead your routine will feel harder as you start to feel run down.

How much protein?

An average woman will need 80-100g of protein a day. This can be 2 eggs for breakfast, chicken breast for lunch and piece of fish for dinner.

Protein as a supplement

If you are not getting enough protein in your diet you can use a protein powder. Women may think using a powder is going to make you bulk up like Arnold Schwarzenegger! But don’t worry, just stick to whey protein (the raw form of protein) and this will aid the recovery of muscles and can reduce the effects of DOMS. Make sure you read the ingredients label before buying.

Protein powders are convenient and provide high quality protein. They come in a variety of flavors and can be mixed with water or milk. It doesn’t have to be boring either, you can sprinkle it on your cereal or porridge or make pancakes or home-made energy bars with it!

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