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3 Barriers to exercise (and why you think, i’m not fit enough)

by doctorjeal
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Perceived View = Everyone in the session or activity is going to be super slim, super fit and I will look out of place!

Reality = Many people exercise to get fit, lose weight, make friends and everyone starts at a different level. There are always many different shapes and sizes in an exercise session or activity.


Perceived View = You do not know what the session is like or if you will be able to complete it

Reality =  Exercise is progressive, with many levels of intensity for many common exercise and activity’s. Exercise sessions are designed to challenge everyone and there are always alternatives.

I Can’t Do It!

NEVER say “I Can’t” Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right!” Henry Ford


The easiest way to overcome any of these barriers is to experience it with a friend, if you are looking to try a new exercise session, get fitter or engage the service of a personal trainer, taking a friend along is always a great idea. It brings you back into your comfort zone with motivation and encouragement by friends is excellent to keep you going.


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