9 Minute Core Stabilisation Circuit Workout

by doctorjeal
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Women performing a V-SIT exercise in her lounge

This Stabilisation workout is a core engaging workout to simulate better balance and core stabilization, an excellent workout for activating the core stabilizers focusing on balance and isometric exercises. Re-centre your core with this 9-minute core stabilisation workout, perform 1 or 2 circuits.


Suggested equipment for this workout.

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This is a circuit based workout, And if you have ever been to a circuits class. at your local gym, you will know exactly what to expect. In essence it is an interval based workout with each exercise performed back to back. It is a quick and effective way of working out.

  • 20 Seconds REST
  • 40 Seconds WORK
  • CIRCUITS: 1 to 2

Circuit Workout

  1. Kneeling Lean (left)
  2. Kneeling Lean (right)
  3. Supine Bridge with Leg Extension (left leg)
  4. Supine Bridge with Leg Extension (right leg)
  5. Kneeling Superman (left)
  6. Kneeling Superman (right)
  7. Isometric V-Sit | 40 seconds
  8. Plank with Knee Tuck
  9. Table Top Bridge

Kneeling Lean

Kneeling Lean Exercise

Supine bridge with Leg Extension

Supine Bridge with leg Extension

Kneeling Superman

Kneeling Superman Exercise

Isometric V-Sit

Isometric V-Sit Exercise

Plank with Knee Tuck

Knee Tap Plank Exercise

Table Top Bridge

Table Top Bridge Exercise

Workout Card

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