Reverse BMI (What weight would I need to be to be ‘x’ BMI?)

and Reverse BMI Formula

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You likely already know what BMI is, it is off-course Body Mass Index, a method that had been used to measure how healthy by weight an individual is compared to normal values. This works well for evaluating current progress or your current state, for example, a health assessment. However, in order to create goals for achieving a particular BMI, it tells you nothing about what weight you need to be to reach your desired BMI. That is where the Reverse BMI Calculator comes in.

If you are a personal trainer or health professional, you might find this calculator useful for helping your clients achieve their goals.

To answer the question

What weight would I need to be to be ‘x’ BMI (Body Mass Index)

We need to plug our desired BMI and height into the Reverse BMI calculator and a range is generated that would enable you to meet that goal. The Reverse BMI calculator here works in both metric (kg) and imperial (lbs).

The Reverse BMI Calculator

We have created a reverse BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator to help you discover what weight you would need to be in order to reach your target BMI, this will help with goal setting. It’s fine to know you need to have a BMI of 25 and under to be within the underweight category, but what weight is that for you? Well simply add your target BMI and your height below and this handy calculator will give you a weight range that you would need to be to reach that BMI.

Read more about BMI here – BMI (Body Mass Index)

Further Information

BMI should be used as a guide, please seek advice from your GP. more information can be found at the following resources.

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