20 Minute Unilateral TRX Workout

by doctorjeal
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This 20-minute unilateral TRX workout is based on, you guessed it, unilateral exercises. maximising core involvement, especially from the obliques, the exercises are set out in the upper body and lower body sets for emphasis in Peripheral Heart Action.

For this workout you will need a TRX Suspension Trainer or equivalent and some way of timing your intervals, I prefer to use a GymBoss as it’s simple and quick to change and avoids messing about with my phone while working out.

The TRX and Single Handed Mode (SLM)

Many of the exercises in this workout require the TRX to be in Single Handed Mode (SLM), This is a safe way to use your TRX with just one handle or stirrup.

For full details see How do you set up a TRX into single-handed mode?

Equipment Required

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The Workout

NoExerciseWork/Rest/SetsTRX length
1TRX Chest Press (Single Leg) (Single Handed Mode)40/20 X 2Long
2TRX Mid Row (Single Arm) (Single Handed Mode)40/20 X 2Short
3TRX Power Pull (Single Handed Mode)40/20 X 2Mid
4TRX Single-Leg Squat40/20 X 2Mid
5TRX Balance Lunge40/20 X 2Mid
6TRX Crossing Balance Lunge40/20 X 2Mid
7TRX Single Arm Biceps Curl (Single Handed Mode)40/20 X 2Mid
8TRX Triceps Press (Off Set Stance)40/20 X 2Mid
9TRX Plank (Single Leg) (Single Handed Mode)40/20 X 2Mid Calf
10TRX Oblique Crunch40/20 X 2Mid Calf
20 Minute Unilateral TRX Workout Exercise Table

Download Workout Card


20 Minute Unilateral TRX Workout Card 152.48 KB 22 downloads

The workout is based on unilateral exercises maximising core involvement, especially…


TRX Chest Press (Single Leg)

TRX Chest Press (Single Leg)

TRX Mid Row (Single Arm)

TRX Power Pull

TRX Power Pull

TRX Single-Leg Squat

TRX Balance Lunge

TRX Crossing Balance Lunge

TRX Single Arm Biceps Curl

TRX Triceps Press (Off Set Stance)

TRX Plank (Single Leg)

TRX Oblique Crunch

20 Minute Unilateral TRX Workout – WORKOUT CARDS

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