TRX 24 Minute Full Body PHA (Peripheral Heart Action) Workout

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TRX 24 Minute Peripheral Heart Action Workout - Photo

Great full body metabolic workout using Perhpial Heart action to stimulate a cardiovascular response, getting your heart Peripheral Heart Action circuit, alternating upper and lower body with core exercises to increase heart action across the body and maximise cardio effort through stationary exercises. Focused on quick transitions with the length of TRX grouped together.

What is Peripheral Heart action?

The training technique of Peripheral Heart action involves a training format where exercises are performed in rapid succession and alternating between upper and lower body exercisers increasing heart action circulation around the whole body and making the exercise feel very cardiovascular.

TRX 24 Minute Peripheral Heart Action Workout - Title
TRX 24 Minute Peripheral Heart Action Workout

Equipment Required

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The Workout

The workout comprises two circuits, best performed one set of each exercise and straight onto the next exercise. Following the Peripheral Heart Action technique with exception to the second circuit where 3 core exercises have been groped together to reduce the amount of time lost changing strap lengths.

Ensure you include a short warm-up and cool down and some example exercises have been included for you, also rest for a 1minute or two between the two circuits with the aim of completing the workout twice as two mini circuits

2 rounds of the following circuit, resty for 2-3 minutes between rounds.

NoExerciseTime/RepsTRX Length
1TRX Power Pull (Left)45/15Mid
2TRX Power Pull (Right)45/15Mid
3TRX Balance Lunge45/15Mid
4TRX Y Deltoid Fly45/15Mid
5TRX Single Leg Squat45/15Mid
6TRX Torso Rotation45/15Mid
7TRX Sprint Start (Left)45/15Mid
8TRX Sprint Start (Right)45/15 Mid
9TRX Triceps Press45/15Mid
10TRX Overhead Squat45/15 Long
11TRX Chest Press45/15Long
12TRX Calf Raise45/15Long
TRX 24 Minute Peripheral Heart Action Workout Table

TRX 24 Minute Peripheral Heart Action Workout Card

Main Workout

TRX Power Pull

TRX Balance lunge

TRX Y Deltoid Fly

TRX Single Leg Squat

TRX Torso Rotations

The TRX will need to be in Single Handed Mode (SLM) – How do you set up a TRX into single-handed mode?

TRX Sprinter Start

TRX Triceps Press

TRX Overhead Squat

TRX Chest Press

TRX Calf Raise

TRX 24 Minute Full Body Peripheral Heart Action Workout

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