Beginner No Equipment Core Workout

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Beginner No Equipment Core Workout

A simple no-equipment workout that anyone can achieve with a little bit of space and a small commitment of time.

No equipment, no excuse! Getting started with exercise often creates perceived barriers to exercise, however, the only real barrier is time, and willpower knowledge. If you can overcome the first two then you can get started as This simple workout will fill the knowledge gap of what to do.

You do not need a gym membership or expensive equipment to start your fitness journey.

Beginner No Equipment Core Workout
Beginner No-Equipment Core Workout

Beginner No-Equipment Core Workout

Kneeling Superman245 sec
Reverse Crunch215 reps
Supine Bridge220 sec
Unilateral Bent Knee Lower215 reps
Half Plank220 sec
Oblique Reach (Crunch)215 reps
Side Plank (Beginner)220 sec
Bent Knee Crunch (hands-on thighs)215 reps
Beginner No-Equipment Core Workout

No equipment is required for this workout, however, I would suggest a soft floor area and you can easily time the exercises using your phone’s timer. To make things more comfortable I would suggest a decent gym/yoga mat and a dedicated timer as shown below.


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Beginner No-Equipment Core Workout Exercises

Kneeling Superman

Kneeling Superman Exercise Video

Reverse Crunch

Reverse Crunch Exercise Video

Supine Bridge

Supine Bridge Exercise Video

Unilateral Bent Knee Lower

Unilateral Bent Knee Lower Exercise Video

Half Plank

Half Plank Exercise Video

Oblique Reach (Crunch)

Oblique Reach (Crunch) Exercise Video

Side Plank (Beginner)

Side Plank (Beginner) Exercise Video

Bent Knee Crunch (hands-on thighs)

Bent Knee Crunch (hands-on thighs) Exercise Video

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