TRX 40 Minute Full Body Interval Workout

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Get your metabolism fired u with this full-body TRX interval workout, short on time this week and want to get a full-body blast in well this is the workout for you. Al in all this workout will take around 40 minutes with warm-up and cool down.

I love interval workouts because if you are like me, my mind wonders when I exercise and I forget how many reps I’ve done, with an interval workout, I just need to wait for the beep on my Gymboss Interval Timer and it’s time to rest or switch it up. Simples.

You can find TRX Suspension Trainer’s in many gyms and If you’ve never used a TRX Suspension Trainer before, head to your local gym and try it out. Better yet purchase your own to enable a complete home workout at any time.

Equipment Required

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Warm Up

TRX ExerciseIntervalsTRX Length
TRX Single Leg Hip Hinge2 x 45sShort
TRX Lunge & Chest Fly2 x 45sMid
TRX Side-Cross Side Step2 x 45sMid
TRX Kneeling Hip Push2 x 45sMid

Full Body TRX Interval Workout

Use a GymBoss interval timer and set it to 2 sets of 45 seconds,

NoTRX ExerciseIntervalsTRX Length
1TRX Sprinter Start2 x 45sLong
2TRX Squat2 x 45sMid
3TRX Biceps Curl2 x 45sMid
4TRX Biceps Curl (Pronated)2 x 45sMid
5TRX Step Back Lunge2 x 45sMid
6TRX Crossing Balance Lunge2 x 45sMid
7TRX Triceps Kick Back2 x 45sMid
8TRX Preacher Extension (Supinated)2 x 45sMid Calf
9TRX Standing Hip Extension2 x 45sMid Calf
10TRX Kneeling Roll Out2 x 45sMid Calf
11TRX Overhead Squat2 x 45sMid

Cool Down

TRX ExerciseIntervalsTRX Length
TRX Hip & Chest Stretch2 x 45sMid
TRX Offset Hip Hinge (Hamstrings)2 x 45sMid
TRX Wide Stance Hip Hinge2 x 45sMid
TRX Glutes Stretch2 x 45sMid

Download the TRX Interval Workout Card


TRX 40 Minute Full Body Interval Workout Card PDF 154 KB 292 downloads

Workout card for the 40 Minute TRX Full Body Interval Workout. …

TRX Exercises in this Full Body TRX Interval Workout

TRX Sprinter Start

TRX Squat

TRX Biceps Curl

TRX Step Back Lunge

TRX Crossing Balance lunge

TRX Triceps Kick Back

TRX Preacher Extension (Supinated)

TRX Standing Hip Extension

TRX Kneeling Roll Out

TRX Overhead Squat

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