TRX Upper Body Pre Exhaust Workout

by doctorjeal
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This great workout is simple, quick, effective and can be done in 10 minutes or less. Targeting the arms, back & chest using post exhaust training to fatigue the biceps and triceps. 45 seconds work & 15 seconds rest, use a GymBoss to time you.

This workout could be easily done at any point during the day due to its simplicity and time taken to complete, if you have a TRX, and 10 minutes you can give your arms a decent workout, before work, at lunch, after work or any time.

A workout designed by Daniel Jeal, follow me on Twitter @DoctorJeal

What is the Pre-Exhaust Training Technique

This training technique is a form of super-set by which an isolation exercise is performed by a compound exercise for the same muscle group. The muscle will in turn experience greater fatigue and will recruit more motor units and synergist muscles to complete the compound exercise.

An example would be a Bicep Curl followed by a Barbell or Bodyweight Row, as the Biceps are already fatigued from the isolation exercise they can only do so much to assist the compound movement. This recruits the synergists muscle to complete the movement.

This is an advanced training technique not normally consider suitable for beginners, largely because the form in the compound muscles can be compromised due to the fatigue of the isolation exercise.

Equipment Required

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TRX Workout

1TRX Biceps Curl2 X 45 secShort
2TRX Biceps Clutch2 x 45 secShort
3TRX Mid Row2 x 45 secShort
4Rest1 min
5TRX Triceps Extension2 x 45 secMid
6TRX Triceps Kickback 2 x 45 secMid
7TRX Chest Press2 x 45 secLong

The Exercises Upper Body Pre Exhaust Workout

TRX Biceps Curl

TRX Biceps Clutch

TRX Mid Row

TRX Triceps Extension

TRX Triceps Kickback

TRX Chest Press

Download TRX Upper Body Pre Exhaust Workout Workout Card


TRX Workout – Upper Body Pre Exhaust 154.63 KB 3 downloads

This great workout is simple, quick, effective and can be done in 10 minutes or less….

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