TRX 6 Minute LBT Circuit Workout

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TRX 6 Minute LBT Circuit Workout - Photo

This workout features the TRX! Don’t have one? Then you need one. The TRX Suspension Trainer is simply the most versatile piece of training equipment you’ll ever need, it will last for years. I highly recommend you purchase one, unlike the Swiss Ball which is gathering dust somewhere in your house, you’ll actually use this, you can work every area of your body with it, ditch that gym membership and get yourself one of these.

If you need a quick workout, this is will be a great choice, just 6 minutes for 1 round, it will hit some compound areas and it will feel metabolic due to the circuit format, great for a little cardio in this short blast.

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This is an intermediate workout and will require you to put the TRX into the single-handed mode for the TRX lunge exercise.

Perform 1 round of 50 seconds work and 20 seconds rest.

Extend the workout by adding additional rounds.

Tip: Use a Gym Boss Interval Timer for your intervals (paid link)

  1. TRX Squat
  2. TRX Lunge (single-handed mode required)
  3. TRX Hip Press
  4. TRX Hamstring Curl
  5. TRX Plank

1. TRX Squat

TRX Squat Exercise video

2. TRX Lunge (left & right leg)

TRX Lunge Exercise Video

3. TRX Hip Press

TRX Hip Press Exercise by TRX Training

4. TRX Hamstring Curl

TRX Hamstring Curl Exercise Video by Experience Life Mag

5  TRX Plank

TRX Plank Exercise on Forearms Video

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