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Husky Run Bootcamp Drill

by doctorjeal
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The Husky Run Battle Rope Drill is one of my favourite Bootcamp activities, it’s excellent fun, if a little demanding at times. The best part about it is it’s an excellent team-based activity which forces each group to work together and motivate each other as the team can only go as fast as the weakest member.

With that in mind, it is an excellent way to balance groups when there is a wide range of levels of fitness and ability. This can also be used as a finisher exercise, personally, I prefer to use it in the main part of the session.


The Husky Run is a team game using two large battle ropes and a set of cones, your teams will start at one end of two points 20 meters or more apart. Your teams will pick up one cone and take it to the other end of the 20-meter distance, dropping the cone and returning to pick up another cone.

This drill can be adapted as you go, if you want to add more to it, then I often say “well I didn’t want the cones over there” and ask them to repeat the drill to bring the cones back to the start point.

Battle rope Husky Run

What you will need

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Set Up

  • Mark then end of the running area with another cone or a battle rope laid out as a line.
  • Make two piles of cones, one of each colour about 20 meters or so away from the line you just set out.
  • Layout two battle ropes looped back in parrel, one for each team.
  • Instruct each team to stand between the battle rope and pick up the battle rope with the team evenly spaced.
Battlerope Husky Run Set Up


  • The battle rope must not touch the floor all team members must be in contact with the rope at all times.
  • The goal is for the teams to collect ONLY ONE cone on each run and carry it back to the start, dropping it and repeating the process until all cones have been collected.
  • The winning team is the team that has colelcted all of thier cones first.

Try this drill at your next bootcamp, if you enjoyed, please do comment and leave some feedback.

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